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About Me
At least you know what i look like. I am going to get a lot better photos on soon
My life started in Leicester, England in 1975. Initially it was tough for myself and my family as i was born with less than perfect legs, which without surgery would undoubtedly have meant a life in a wheel chair. Thankfully the surgery was done and was successful but it meant virtually living in or very near to the hospital for a long time.

After the age of 2, we moved to a very typical victorian terraced property. It was from this point that my earliest memories exist. Although we moved in, former occupants did not move out. Well, the living ones did anyway!

My mum will tell you that my best friend was an imaginary friend, i will tell you different. At around the age of 5 my grandad died. I know it was hard for my parents, especially my dad, but looking back i feel that they could perhaps have dealt with the situation differently. Firstly, i was brought up as an atheist, and therefore i had no belief system and then little explanation was given about what had happened to my grandad and i was kept away from the funeral. All understandable but this sowed the seed of fear of death.

Over the next couple of years the fear grew intensely. Most nights i would have panic attacks about dying. I would lay in bed trying to imagine what it was like to die and all i could see was darkness. My parents did all they could do to make my fear go away but i never really found comfort and understanding from their words.

Like the majority of children at that early age, i had quite a lot of psychic energy, which i certainly didn't know about or had any ability of control. It would seem that this energy was attractive to the dead as 'paranormal activity' started to really intensify.

Items in the house would get thrown around, toys in my toy box would be taken out in the middle of the night and be turned on, even after the batteries were taken out!

This pattern of 'weird' things happening continued over the years and even when we moved to another house. As i moved into my late teen years life became all about girls and drinking. Looking back i can think of several occasions when i should have come into serious harm or even worse but some unexpected intervention would always stop it from happening.

Throughout my life i had always seen the 'dead' but never that often but by the time i hit my early 20's it seemed to happen a lot more often but they would never say anything to me.

It took until i was around 27 years old before i first heard anything and that 'thing' happened to be a clock! I did not hear it with my ears, it was a sound that was inside my head. It sounded just like the voice in your head sounds but i knew it wasn't me who was thinking it. The sound happened to have some relevance to a work colleague of mine so thankfully it proved to me that i wasn't imagining it.

One day after a few more years had passed by, i was standing in the queue in a local shop. I  noticed the local newspaper, which i had never bought in the past, but this time i felt compelled to buy it. Flicking through it after i got home i noticed a small advert for a spiritualist church in the nearby city. It advertised an event called 'Tea with Spirit' which basically was a psychic fair where you could get a reading from any number of mediums for a small charge.

I decided to go, which was very strange for me, as i would never have done anything like that before. The day came and as it happened i had several 'readings' from a variety of psychics and mediums.

Most of the mediums seemed to do quite well, describing my personality and some life events, but what surprised me more was that every single one of them picked up on my apparent psychic ability and that one day in the future i would be well known and successful at it.

This particular event was held on a monthly basis and i soon found myself going with great regularity, sometimes being 'read' by the same mediums and psychics before and sometimes new ones. Time after time the same information came through. Then on one particular day i was just waiting for my next reading when one of the ladies helping to run the event came up to to check that i was in the right place. At the time i was standing next to a spare desk and when i started to talk to the lady i jokingly said that i was a medium and that i could help out using that desk! That 'joke' ended up being a big turning point for me. After another hour had passed the same lady came up to me and asked if i would go and sit with one of their mediums.

I agreed but i didn't really know why i was doing so. As i sat down the gentlemen looked at me and said 'I hear you are a medium, read me!'. I immediately went into a panic, but some how i steadied myself and as i looked at him i could see an elderly lady standing behind him. I described her psychical appearance and i said that she was the mediums mother.

As a result, he asked me if i would join a 'development' circle that he ran at the church. I agreed and as a result 8 months later i was asked if i would be a medium at the 'Tea with Spirit' event. In less than a year i had changed from being a 'sitter' to a 'reader'.

The rest as they say is history, and what is still to come will hopefully be interesting and rewarding.

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