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What is a ghost?

There are two types of ghosts, intelligent and non-intelligent. So what is the difference i hear you ask. When we die we leave our physical body and for the majority of us we go straight to the place that many would call heaven. However, not all of us do, and for the majority of those people they do so usually because they are still earth tied.

What does earth tied mean? There are many reasons why someone would pass up an opportunity to go to heaven and would rather stay here. Sometimes it is due to an attachment to someone still living or possibly a physical possession such as a home. Some are here still not realising that they have died! There are those however that have a darker reason for staying. Many people live their lives without a great deal of religion or worshipping these days but come the time for them to pass, many reflect on their actions whilst alive and fear the judgement of their God. It is this fear of possible punishment that means some people would rather walk a lonely existence still on this earth than go to what they refer to as hell. 

Whatever the reason, there will always be spirits that visit them from 'heaven' to try and convince them to cross over completely and certainly a good portion of those do so. It is my experience that the vast majority of those that choose to stay do so because of fear of punishment and that usually stems from them having done something that they consider to be wrong.

If you watch any of the many ghost hunting type programs on TV, you would be easily mistaken into believing that the ghosts they encounter are 'evil'. I hear it so many times that it even makes me think at times that every dead person is Satan himself!

This of course is certainly not true. There are some dark minded spirits but there are dark minded living people as well, but we don't call them all evil!!

If you have ever watched the film 'Ghost' then you would have some idea of what it is like to be a ghost. Their energy vibration is different to the earth vibration. They can no longer physically touch anything, they can't engage in a conversation with someone living. It is as the film portrays... a very lonely existence. However, over time some do manage to 'learn' how to manipulate certain physical materials such as wood and glass.

When they do feel the need to try to get someone's attention using these materials they need extra energy to do so. They can get a certain amount of that from their immediate environment and if you were to be stood next to or near a ghost you would typically feel a 'cold spot'. Although it feels cold, you are actually feeling an area that has had its energy taken out of it. If they can't get enough energy from their environment then they will target items with a localised electrical charge, namely gadgets which are battery powered or they will go straight for the main electrical supply in the property.  If they do either of these it will often mean the batteries in the gadget suddenly die or if it is lighting in the property then you may see the lights flickering. This is not an indication that Lucifer is in the room with you, it merely means that some spirit needs energy.

So how do ghosts look? If you ever see a full bodied ghost then consider yourself very lucky! In order for them to do so takes extra effort and extra energy. There most definitely is a purpose behind them showing themselves like that. Unfortunately, most ghosts look just like an 'orb'. This being a small ball of brightish light. Sometimes it may come in the form of a white mist. Here are some recent photos taken in my home over several consecutive evenings using an iphone. At the end of these is a photo which i have tried to enhance the settings to show what i can see very clearly on my phone. If you look very closely you should be able to see the face of a little boy with the television screen behind him.

No spirit presentNow the spirit shows itself upon request as an orb

Can you see the 'Orb'?

First it wasn't there, then it was!

This time the spirit is showing itself as a mistAs a mist again Here you can see
them in 'Mist' form

This time the spirit was moving and was just in front of meAgain moving near the televisionThe spirit was really trying hard to show itself. If i had better equipment then it would be more visible

Can you see the
orbs moving in these pictures?

Can you see the face?

A common experience in many households where there is a young child resident especially teenagers, is to have a ghost. In some instances the activity in the property can be quite excessive with items moving around the property. We often refer to this as a 'poltergeist' which is a German word for noisy ghost. The main reason for this type of activity is to do with the energy of the child. Typically when a child reaches the early stages of puberty there is surge in hormone levels which can change and increase the energy of the individual. This can be very attractive to spirit visitors and often when they find themselves in a suitable property they tend to not want to go!

As has been documented through films, TV and newspapers, there have been instances where the activity in the property has intensified to such a level that action needs to be taken. It is at this point that some will consider an Exorcism.

What is an Exorcism?

Simply put, it is a process or ritual that forces the resident spirit to be evicted from the property. Many mainstream religions have some understanding of this and have religious processes which they follow to remove the spirit.

However, it is not completely necessary for the process to be done in a religious manner. There are many individuals, like myself, who know how to remove spirits. It is still done using a systematic procedure but is no less successful.

In a recent exorcism that i carried out, i had some difficulty in locating the spirit as it was trying to hide from me. Once i did, i tried to understand what the reason was as to why this individual was causing misery and distress for the occupants. I then tried to get the spirit to leave voluntarily however there was no willing co-operation. This meant that it had to be removed by force and to do so required me with the help of my spirit guides to open up a doorway to the 'other side' and then after its creation, spirit guides and helpers took the ghost spirit by force. I appreciate it all sounds like movie stuff but this is how it is done.

My suggestion for anyone who is experiencing possible poltergeist activity is to not rush down to the library and find a DIY book on exorcism! It can be potentially very serious for both the occupants of the property and in particular the individual who attempts to do the spirit removal.

So going back to the original question, hopefully you will now have a reasonably good idea of what an 'intelligent' ghost is. There is the question remaining of what a non-intelligent ghost is?

Most of us at times will experience a stressful or emotional event at some point in our lives. Whether you know it or not, at times when these events unfold our heightened emotion expands our energy out of the boundary of our body and, if the suitable materials are nearby and if the environmental conditions are right then your actions and/or words are recorded in the area that you stood. After the recording is made, the materials that recorded it will replay it over and over again. Now to a person who was to witness this recording being played back it would most definitely look like a ghost but there is no intelligence with it, it is just simply a recording of some previous event. You can not interact with it, it does not know that you are there and apart from removing the materials that have retained the recording there is not a lot you can do about it.

If you are concerned about whether there is genuine activity in your property or possibly an occupant is being affected or attacked in anyway then please leave it to the experts!

If you wish to ask any question on this matter then please do not hesitate to contact me. You can send in your request on the 'Contact me' page.

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