Psychic Spencer - A bridge to your loved ones in spirit

I am a healer as well as a medium. To be more precise i am a spiritual healer.

What this means is that i can channel (receive healing power from the spirit world) and send it on to those in need. I appreciate that if you have not seen it done or benefited from this type of healing before then it is going to sound like utter rubbish.

Like anything in life, there will always be different opinions and i respect what ever you think. That is your right. Like mediumship, i know that it works and that is why i am prepared to say that i do it and accept the skepticism that will come my way.

There are many spiritual healers available but how they do it may vary slightly. Some will need to be rather hands on, in other words they will need to place their hands on you or very near to you in order for the channelled energy to help you. I on the the hand do it remotely. This means i can send the energy on to whoever and wherever the recipient is. This can be literally anyone and anywhere. It also means that the person needing the healing doesn't need to travel and they don't need to meet or speak to me.

It also doesn't make a great deal of difference whether the recipient believes in what is happening although it certainly doesn't do any harm if they do.

You can even request healing for someone else and they don't need to know that is being done.

There are a few cautionary points to make at this point. Firstly, there is absolutely no guarantee that it will work. This may sound a bit blunt but if the spirit world can't guarantee to me success then i am certainly not. Secondly, it is an unfortunate fact of life that our physical and mental ill-health can be as a result of a karmic debt issue. If that is the case then the healing will not be allowed to help as this is contrary to spiritual law. Unfortunately i am rarely informed by spirit as to whether this is the case or not and therefore i would not know in advance so as to being able to save everyone's time, money and hope.

It is also worth pointing out that although healing can in theory help literally all health complaints, there are certain ones that seem to respond better than others. For instance, migraines, aches and pains, arthritis and broken bones.

For those wanting to know a bit more about the process, firstly i ask for the full name of the recipient and the area of the country/world that they are located and some information of what their ailment or condition is and where in the body it is located.

I will then send out remote healing to the individual twice a day, once in the morning at around 10:00 GMT and again at around 01:00 GMT. The recipient may experience a warm sensation usually in the area of the body that the ailment resides but if they do not then that is not a sign that it is not being sent or received.

I repeat this process daily until i am informed that i no longer need to send that individual the healing.

Unlike many healers, i do not have a set cost or charge for this service. If i could afford to do it free of charge then i would but like everyone else i have the costs of living to meet and therefore i ask that the person requesting the healing, whether for themselves or on behalf of someone else makes a donation of their choice once a week until you ask for the healing to stop.

If you are interested in this work and have any specific questions then please email me.

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