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Words are said, thought and felt by all of us all of the time. Words can have the power to change and shape the lives of all us at any time.  Words can make us feel so many things like fear, worry, anger, sorrow and despair right through to excitement, anticipation, happiness and love.

Too often though in this world of ours the majority of words used are not positive. Many people become so used to using these kind of words that they don't even know they are doing it!

A great deal of well thought, well meaning words and phrases have been thought and passed around the world throughout the entire age of Man. In many cases, these words have been conceived as a result of spiritual inspiration. 

I have received that inspiration at times, and i want to put them here so that others may read and feel their power like i have been able too.

"the key to happiness is inner peace"

"Love, real love, is the greatest force in the universe and can not be broken"

"When someone does you wrong, do not fill yourself with thoughts and feelings of hate and revenge. Know that divine justice will always be done. Feel love and compassion for them and it will be you who takes a step forward on your spiritual pathway"

"If you can say that you helped one other person in your life where you had no thought for self, then consider your life a success"

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