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Recently i did a one-to-one reading with a lady and i asked her if she had ever sat down with anyone like me before. She said to me "i've had a reading from a medium before but not a clairvoyant like you"

I pondered this statement after the reading and i asked myself, why she had said what she did. My conclusion was she didn't know what a medium is and so in constructing this site i feel it important to explain what all of the various terms on this subject mean and how they work.

So what is a Medium?

A medium is a person who is able to communicate directly with people who have died. As there are potentially several ways in which they may be able to do this means the term, Medium, explains what they can do but in itself not how they do it.

As i briefly touched on in the the Home page, i am a clairvoyant and a clairaudient and i am clairsentient.

These are three different terms for how i communicate with those that have passed. This isn't the complete range of means of communication to a Medium, it is just the three that i currently have available to me to use.

So what do these words mean?

What is clairvoyance?

The word itself, German in origin,  means clear vision, but in reality it means that a medium can receive pictures and images through their 'third eye' which is then passed to their physical mind which then becomes a picture or image which is very similar to a thought or a visualization of their own.

Until you are an experienced clairvoyant, it is very difficult at times to tell the difference between a clairvoyant image and a simple thought of your own. Unfortunately the two look very similar and because of this it is understandable that on occasion the medium may interpret their own thought as a clairvoyant image.

The next difficulty with clairvoyance is how those in spirit are going to be able to communicate effectively what they want to say just using pictures and images. If for instance i was the one in spirit wanting to communicate to a medium who was sat in front of one of my living loved ones i would most probably want to make sure that they knew who i was and i would most likely want to say that i am still alive and that i see what they are still doing on earth and that i love them. If i could say all of that then that should mean the message gets received exactly as it was intended. However, what images or pictures could i send to the mind of the medium that would relay enough information to the medium that would make it clear who the message was coming from and what images could i show to the medium that accurately describe to the living loved one the rest of my message?

As a medium if i was receiving that kind of communication i would first see an outline of a person next to the person receiving the message (known as the sitter) so that i could give an indication of the height of the person. Secondly, that outline would stand in a particular place around the sitter and dependent on that location it would indicate what their relationship was to the sitter. For instance, if they were stood just behind the left shoulder of the sitter it would mean their mother, the right shoulder for father. If they stood in those places but a few feet further back then that is an indication of a grandparent. The list goes on but hopefully you get the idea!!!

I would then move on to other physical features such as hair colour, usually at the time of their passing, maybe their eye colour and their body shape before moving on to their personality traits.

If I have given enough information that the sitter can confirm who the person is then I would move on to rest of the message. If they are still unsure then I would go back to the person sending the message to try and give me something else until they were satisfied.

As for the message senders observations, they would normally show me an image looking down on the sitter followed by their observations of the sitter, things they have seen them do or things they have said. In my experience these observations do seem to be quite recent events, which is handy as it tends to mean the sitter can actually confirm those observed actions or comments.

Hopefully by this point we have established who the message sender is, and they have proved their continued existence by their observations and then it moves to the final part of a reading which is their message.

With clairvoyance alone, it is easy for bits of the message to get lost in translation or misinterpreted which is why other communication abilities help such as clairaudience and clairsentience.

What is Clairaudience?

This is quite simple, it is the ability to hear directly words and sounds from the spirit world. For those that aren't a medium it would be understandable why the assumption would be that this particular ability would be the most suitable for giving readings. If all i had to do was sit their and say word for word what the message sender was saying then clearly the reading would be very successful!! Unfortunately, it doesn't always work like how you might assume.

Often when the message sender is saying a name the Medium might only hear the first letter, or the first sound of the name, for example, if the sender was trying to say the name Glen, then i might just hear the G or Gl. By saying the part that i have been given means the sitter might make it fit something else as in i say i hear Gl and then they say 'oh that will be old friend Gladys' which clearly is wrong.

Sometimes I hear a full name for instance Simon, but it will sound as if there is an emphasis on the first letter, so although i hear a full name it was actually just the letter S that i was supposed to say. Again, this shows how Mediums make mistakes and also how clairaudience on its own is not as fool-proof as it may seem.

What is Clairsentience?

This is the ability to feel. It will include the feeling of someone's (deceased) personality and their characteristics, it will include their feelings towards people on this side of life and it will also include their feelings towards situations that have happened in the past or events occurring to someone on this side of life.

It is often said that this ability is the first ability that you develop or experience as a new Medium although that wasn't the case for myself.

Almost all the readings i have done have had some clairsentient communication. The difficulty with using it on its own is that not all types of information can be carried over successfully just by feeling alone. If for instance someone wanted to tell me their name then there is unlikely to be a feeling they can give me that would tell me it. If for example, that person was a sitters grandmother then they might give a feeling that i would associate with my own grandmother. If i have a strong enough feeling towards individuals in my own life then i 'may' get that relationship they have with the sitter.

As you can see, there are potential difficulties with all forms of communication, but if the Medium, like myself, has access to all three then there is an increased chance that what ever the information is that the communicator is trying to send should be communicated to the sitter accurately.


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