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What does Psychic mean?

The answer is likely to be different depending on who you ask!

There is a general saying or belief amongst many Mediums that all Mediums are Psychic but not all Psychics are Mediums. This would indicate that being Psychic is something different that being Mediumistic.

Based upon my own experience and observations of those that call themselves a Psychic then i would agree with the last statement.

When i do a reading with someone, i can often 'see' certain bits of information about the person. For instance, i can 'feel' their personality, i can sense significant events that have occurred in their life, and more importantly what is still to come. Many Psychics can do the same but many will use some kind of physical item such as a crystal ball, or tarot cards or tea leaves which are used to help them focus their ability on the person in front of them.

When i get this extra information it is not coming to me from another spiritual entity. so where is it coming from? Well, the answer is themselves.

Quite rightly someone could well ask how that happens. Here is the explanation...................

The first part to understanding this requires you to accept that the real you is not just what you see staring at you in the mirror, or just the person you hear talking inside your head. What you see in the mirror and the voice you hear in your head is the physical part of you. It is the body with its basic functions being looked after by the brain which is the very clever computer that operates it.

The second part of you is your spiritual body. This has no physical parts to it but if you could see it, it would look just like the physical part of you and it is this that people will see when they observe a ghost. It is made of spiritual energy and energy of all types is not bound by limitation or boundaries unlike our physical body.

A picture of me using a camera that can capture your aura. Colours can vary and there are meanings for all of themYour spiritual body which is normally contained within your physical body omits an energy field which radiates outside of the physical body. Many people would refer to this as the Aura. For those not blessed with the ability to see this can use a special piece of photographic equipment that can photograph it. I have an old photo of myself which you can see.

If like myself you can see someone's Aura then using an interpretation method it can tell a psychic a lot of information about the 'sitter', for example, someones personality or their mood or even health issues.

The third part of you is your soul and this is housed within your spiritual body. This is the 'God' part of you. It is this final element of you which records every word, every thought and every emotion that you have ever had, both in this lifetime and all of your previous lifetimes. It not only knows your past but it also knows some of your future.

In conclusion, between your spiritual mind and body and your soul a lot of information about 'you' can be obtained by 'talking' to the complete 'you'.

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