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In the time that i have done this work i have been asked many questions and it has been my privilege to be able to answer them. I have decided to share some of those that i can remember along with the accompanying answer. After all, if one person wanted to know something then there might be more people who would like to know the answer.

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Question. Do people re-incarnate in to animals?

Answer. No, the human spirit that dwells within you is different to the animal spirit. They are the same in the sense that they were created by the same force, but they are different and one does not and can not become the other.

Question. Does Hell exist?

Answer. If you are referring to the common held view of a very hot place with flames all around with Satan prodding you with His fork then the answer is no. However, when the time comes for you and I to cross over, we all go to the level of Heaven that is right for you based upon your actions, words and deeds within your lifetime. Unlike earth where we all have to mix together that is not the case in Heaven. You will only exist with people who are of like-mind to yourself. For some people who have perhaps not conducted themselves well their reality of Heaven would not be so appealing to the versions that most of us will thankfully inhabit as a result of not  having done too much wrong in our lives. In deed i have been fortunate to seen some of those lower existences and i can promise you it is not somewhere that i would wish to go in a hurry.

Question. What is the difference between the soul and the spirit?

Answer. We are all made up of the same three elements. They are the body, the spiritual body and the soul. God, is everywhere and in everything. No matter how small or how mighty. We all have a portion of God within us and that is the soul. It does not have personality or characteristics, it does not look like anyone or anything. It simply travels through all of your lives both here on earth and within the spiritual realms. It experiences everything you have ever experienced, it know every thought you have had. However, in order for it to travel through both Heaven and earth it needs a vehicle. That vehicle is the Spirit. This is the energy that lives in your body whilst you need it and it is the same force that departs the body when it is ready too. Where ever it goes it takes the soul with it.

Question. Does everybody have a spirit guide?

Answer. Yes we all do. Before you were born, you decided what you wanted to experience from this lifetime. Someone from the spiritual realm would have offered or been asked to be your guide whose main function would be to try and keep you on the path that would enable you to experience all or at least the majority of these experiences. As this is a lifetime commitment it is unusual for this spirit to be a member of your family but when your loved ones do return to Heaven some do like to help you from their side.

Question. Do we really have past lives and is it possible to remember them?

Answer. The first thing to point out is that you, as you see yourself in a mirror is not the real you. All you are seeing is a reflection of the body that the real you is using in this lifetime to enable it to spend time on earth. The real you is the soul which has used a spiritual energy to travel through time. This spiritual energy may well have used several bodies over time in order for the soul to gain experience of situations with the view of learning and developing. So yes, the 'real' you may well have had many past lives and if you were able to consult with your soul, then it would be able to recall every detail of every lifetime you have ever had. We do however, feel the effect of our past lives in many situations. How often have you had an irrational view or thought about something that you do not know why.  To give an example of this, i knew someone who had a real fear of water and hated being near it even though nothing had ever happened that should make them feel this strongly. Eventually, we found out that this person had drowned as a young child in their last lifetime and it was this experience which was remembered by that persons soul that fuelled their fear in this lifetime. Understanding that many of our thought processes are created from our past lifetimes will help you to understand you a bit better.

Question. If you have been married more than once, which spouse do you live with after you have passed?

Answer. Most relationships on earth are initially created as a result of the basic law of physical attraction. Putting it bluntly, it is the desire for 'pleasure of the flesh' that puts people together. If time proves that this was the one and only reason why two people stayed in a relationship then at some point, usually before death the relationship will end. If however, love and i mean 'true' love emerges then this relationship will last for all eternity. Many people will say they love their partner but in reality they do not actually know what love really means or know what it feels like. So, to answer the question, if you did marry more than one person it does not mean that you will spend your time in Heaven with either or any of them, if love did not really exist, but if it did then that person is the one you will spend eternity with. If you believe that you truly loved them all then the answer becomes more complicated. To keep it short, you will spend time with both or all of them!

Question. What is Karma and how does it work?

Answer. Karma is a spiritual law, which does not ever make mistakes, it does not show compassion, it does not accuse the innocent and the guilty do not escape. In many ways people see Karma as a bad thing in the sense that it looks to punish you for everything you have done wrong. In reality, Karma is a valuable tool to help you experience more situations with the aim of soul development.  Karma does not operate as a singular law but works in conjunction with many others such as cause and effect and the laws of retribution and compensation. Often when we experience something bad, or we seem to be having a spell of things going wrong, it isn't necessarily something we have done in this lifetime that may have triggered this bad experience but it may well be a karmic debt payback from your last or a previous lifetime. One of the factors of the law of retribution is the timing of the karmic debt payback. It will always know when to pay you back to help maximise its impact and effect on you. To give a real life situation to highlight this and admittedly a fairly unpopular one, whenever you see or hear in the press of some innocent individual who has been brutally murdered you often say 'what did they ever do to deserve that'. Unfortunately, it may well be that what has just been done to them is something that they did to someone in a previous lifetime. It is difficult to see that person as anything other than what they appear which is an honest law abiding citizen who can't possibly have harmed anyone to deserve such a terrible and wicked experience. Again as previously explained, the body is just the vehicle for the real person and that does not have age or gender and if it has created a karmic debt to someone else then it and only it has to pay it back. You might say looking at that, that if i kill someone then they will end up killing me to pay me back and that pattern could repeat itself for all eternity. Yes, it could but eventually with spiritual progression one of the individuals will have evolved enough that they will not feel the need to kill and therefore they will eventually break the cycle.

Question. If you die as a child do you stay as a child in Heaven?

Answer. It really is up to you. Most children continue to develop to an adult like stage but some do stay as a child. Conversely, many adults who pass at an old age prefer to revert to a stage of earth life which they considered to be their prime which for many is in their 20's or 30's. Whatever their appearance is though it is usually only when they are contacting their living loved ones for instance through a medium or perhaps in their dreams that they will show themselves as that living loved one would remember them. For example, there would be little point my grandfather showing me himself as a man in his 20's when i never knew him whilst he was alive in his 20's, so he will continue to show me himself as a typical grandfather type age to help me with my identification.

Question. Is our life predetermined or not?

Answer. Before you were born to this earth you spent a considerable amount of time deciding what experiences you wanted to have from this lifetime. The purpose of those experiences are to help you, the real you that is, to advance spiritually. Along the way you may have to play out some old karmic debts and likewise be the recipient of debts owed to you. One of the factors would be the fact that once you were born, you would not be aware of the plan and as you have an element of free-will there would be a very good chance that you could completely take yourself off in a different direction in life. In order to minimise the potential for this you will have enlisted the help of an individual or maybe even a group of individuals, who you may cross paths with on this earth or they may remain in the spiritual realm, and it is their function to steer you through life trying where possible to help you experience as many of those pre-planned experiences that you chose to have. So, to answer the question, yes and no are both true. You will no doubt have planned the bigger fundamental experiences, but what you are going to have for dinner tonight is more than likely not pre-planned!

Question. Do aliens exist?

Answer. I understand that this issue for many people is quite controversial. It doesn't need to be though. We are not the only planet in the universe that has some life-form inhabiting it. In fact there are quite a few. From my understanding, there is one planet that exists where the life-form is less advanced than that of our own. And the rest are advanced. When you cross to the spiritual realm you will be able to travel to these planets and see them for yourself.  

More questions to follow..........................

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