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The meaning of life! Now there's a question. 

How many times have you heard it, thought it or discussed it. I know that depending on what religion you may or may not follow, the answer to the question may look different. I have the greatest respect for all religions and i do not intend on being disrespectful to any of them.

I will however, tell you what i know and believe. I don't wish to force my opinion down any ones throat, so if you read it and still think differently then that is perfectly acceptable to me.

Most people would call themselves by whatever name they were given at birth, and would describe themselves based upon their looks, how they look physically, their personality and their characteristics. None of these things are the real you. You are, like i am and every person on this earth is, a soul that lives in a body.

How you think and behave is based upon the level of development of your soul, and that is based on the sum total of all its lives experiences throughout eternity. You have progressed and you will continue to do so, for the rest of eternity gradually bit by bit evolving your soul with the aim of achieving perfection.

So, in summary what is the meaning of life.......................... life on earth is to give your soul new experiences to learn and develop and ultimately progress.

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